Brock Scholars Award

Brock University

Awarded to entering students with no previous postsecondary experience. Initial offers are made based on available high school grades at the time of admission. The offers are reviewed when final grades are submitted, and are altered if the final average falls into a new category.

The awards are renewable if you maintain an 80% average on a minimum of 4.0 credits in the fall/winter session. If you pursue a "Pass" degree, you will receive a maximum of 2 renewals.

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Bourse d’études – Sommaire

Nombre To all qualified students
Demande exigée Non
Valeur $1,600 ($400 each year) 80-84.9%
$3,600 ($900 each year) 85-89.9%
$7,600 ($1,900 each year) 90-94.9%
$13,600 ($3,400 each year) 95%+
Renouvelable? Oui