This award is designed to make an educational experience at Conrad Grebel University College accessible to Mennonite students from culturally diverse backgrounds. The intention is to create a student body at the College that is more reflective of the cultural diversity of the present and future Mennonite Church in Canada.

Preference will be given to applicants who meet the following criteria:
- Undergrad from a Mennonite congregation populated predominantly by recent* immigrants.
- Undergrad who is, or whose family is, recent* immigrants attending a Mennonite congregation.
- Aboriginal undergrad with a connection to the Mennonite Church.
- Undergrad who holds a Grebel residence or apartment contract for at least 4 months of the coming academic year.

*Recent immigrants refers to individuals or their families who immigrated to Canada after 1975.
*Students receiving this award may re-apply for this award in subsequent years.

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Bourse d’études – Sommaire

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