Academic Excellence Scholarship (80–84.9%)

Lakehead University

Academic Entrance Scholarships are automatically awarded, with no application required, to Canadian citizens entering Lakehead University from a recognized Canadian high school curriculum. Entrance scholarship averages are calculated based on the highest six 4U/M academic grades (or equivalent) available at the time of the scholarship offer.

Scholarship offers will be made in May and July.

Qualified students will be awarded the best scholarship from either of the 2 rounds. Out-of-province students must provide midterm grades by the end of April to be considered for scholarships. Final grades must be received by the end of July to be eligible for scholarship consideration. If you are admitted to Lakehead University after July, you may be considered for scholarships.

Renewable at 80%.

If you are awarded a renewable Entrance Scholarship, you must maintain a minimum 80% average each academic year, according to the terms found in the scholarship offer. A normal, full course load is required in each year of study based on your program of study and year level. If you take 80–100% of your course load, you are eligible to receive a pro-rated scholarship value. No gaps in studies are permitted. All scholarships are payable in the first 4 years of the degree program only.

For May calculations, transcripts are due by April. For July calculations, transcripts are due by July.

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Bourse d’études – Sommaire

Nombre Unlimited
Demande exigée Non
Valeur $3,000 ($750 x 4 years)
Renouvelable? Oui