Bishop John Michael Sherlock Catholic Leadership Award

Western University – King's University College

This scholarship is granted to a full-time, first-year student (whether a high school, mature or transfer student) who is a member of a parish within the Diocese of London, and whose financial situation makes the pursuit of a university education unusually difficult. This award is intended to encourage the education of those with the potential to make a positive contribution to the Catholic community and to the common good of society. Candidates must demonstrate extensive financial need, meet the minimum academic entrance requirements and provide a pastor letter of reference.

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Bourse d’études – Sommaire

Nombre 1
Demande exigée Oui
Valeur $4,000 A scholarship of $3,000 is renewable for Years 2, 3 and 4 if the student remains registered full time, maintains a minimum average of 70%, demonstrates continued involvement in a parish and includes 1 credit in Catholic Studies within his or her degree credits.
Renouvelable? Oui
Pour candidates et candidats autochtones seulement Oui
Pour candidates et candidats en quête d’équité seulement Oui
Date limite 30 avril 2024