Ressources de transition pour étudiantes et étudiants universitaires

La présente liste de ressources vise à renforcer les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour assurer le succès des études universitaires. Les programmes suivants sont accessibles à celles et ceux qui fréquentent une université de l’Ontario.

Il ne s’agit pas d’une liste exhaustive, puisque les universités apportent régulièrement des ajustements à ces services.

Vous avez des questions ou vous avez besoin d’information? Communiquez directement avec l’université en question.

Nota : Puisque plusieurs universités sont anglophones, les renseignements qu'elles ont fourni sont en anglais seulement.

Ontario Tech University

Accessibility Summer Transition Programming

  • Program for incoming students with documented disabilities.
  • Understand the real differences between high school, college and university.
  • Learn about self-advocacy and how to use your strengths.
  • Become immersed in the software you will use every day in our technology-enriched learning environment.
  • Learn tried-and-true strategies to make the most of your university experience.
  • Meet key staff who will provide academic and learning support.
  • Become familiar with the campus and the Oshawa area.
  • Offered throughout August.
  • Registration required.

Faculty Registration Information Sessions

  • Registration for our unique programs is not the same for every student; we offer faculty- and program-specific information sessions.
  • Designed to give you all the information you need to successfully register for your courses.
  • Live sessions are offered throughout the summer and are run by your faculty’s academic advising team.

Academic prep

  • Promotes academic and personal success by providing insight about what it will be like to be a student at our university.
  • Meet fellow classmates, faculty and staff, learn strategies for attending university lectures and discuss what makes your university experience unique.
  • Free, interactive sessions that provide you with a recap of foundational academic concepts for your program.
  • Learn about study skills and time management, and develop effective strategies to be successful in university.
  • Non-credit; registration required.
  • We strongly recommend the sessions and offer specialized programming for all programs.
  • Offered in the summer.

Peer Leader Mentoring Program

  • Fosters a culture of inclusivity and support throughout your postsecondary journey and beyond.
  • The program ensures you have the opportunity to connect with the mentorship community, receive support and engage with your peers.
  • Peer Leader Mentoring program goals include:
    • Establishing an inclusive and welcoming community of peers that cultivates a network and culture of mentorship.
    • Providing support and guidance through various transitions in your postsecondary journey, from acceptance to post-graduation.
    • Engaging you in personal growth, lifelong learning and leadership opportunities through flexible, experiential programming that leverages the development of interpersonal, academic and professional skills.
    • Creating a unified mentorship network that fosters respectful, interdisciplinary connections between individual peer programs and provides opportunities for collaborative programming.


  • Ontario Tech’s largest transition program, geared toward students who are beginning classes in September.
  • Prepare for success in your first year by learning from upper-year students who volunteer their time to welcome you to the university community.
  • Orientation will provide you with opportunities to:
    • Familiarize yourself with the campus.
    • Learn how to get the most from your university experience.
    • Meet new friends, faculty and staff.
    • Participate in engaging activities and traditions, unique to Ontario Tech.
  • Offered at the beginning of September.

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