Where can I find information about programs that let me earn a university degree and a college diploma at the same time?

Program Information and Requirements

There are many university/college collaborative programs available in Ontario.

For some, you must apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC); for others, you must apply through OCAS.

Any university/college programs that you can enter as a first-year student, and that are available through the OUAC, are listed on OUInfo. A good way to find these programs is to do a keyword search for the word “college”.

You can also view the list of Collaborative University and College Programs on the OUAC website. If a program interests you, contact the university and/or college directly for additional details.

Some programs are available to first-year university students, while others require you to complete some postsecondary education to be considered for admission.

You can also check out ONTransfer for information about other program options, such as beginning your studies at a college and then completing them at a university.