When I use the keyword search, I either do not get any programs or too many. Why is this happening? How can I get the results that I want?

How to Use OUInfo

There are a few possible reasons you are not getting the results you expect.

Here are some tips to help you get the results you want:

  • Ensure you spelled everything correctly. Even a small error could invalidate the search and return no results. If you are not sure about how to spell something, check a dictionary or university websites for the proper spelling. Or just spell the first part of the word – the search will find any words that contain those letters.
  • If you are using several words, the keyword search will look for all programs that contain at least one of those words. You will likely get fewer results if you search using just 1 word at a time.
  • After doing a keyword search, you can reduce the number of results by checking off "Show Advanced Search Options" and adding a search filter (e.g., university, subject area, location or instruction language).