University Student Transition Resources

This list of resources is meant to reinforce learning and the skills needed for academic success in university. The following programs are available to all students attending Ontario universities.

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, partly because universities regularly make adjustments to services.

Have questions or need more information? Contact the appropriate university directly.

University of Windsor

Bounce Back

  • Bounce Back is a program designed to support you if you are struggling to find success during your postsecondary experience.

Bridge to University for Individuals with Learning Disabilities (BUILD)

  • BUILD is a 5-day, pre-fall semester program that eases the transition to university for students with documented learning disabilities and/or ADHD.
  • Explore the unique opportunities and challenges faced by students with learning disabilities.
  • Learn about the services and supports available through Student Accessibility Services.
  • Discover valuable techniques, strategies and technologies to help maximize learning potential.

English Language Improvement Program

  • The Centre for English Language Development is your hub for academic, professional and recreational language training.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Mentorship Program

  • As a student mentor, you will receive training to act as peer-learning facilitator in certain first-year classes.
  • Transform First Year: Transform provides you with the academic skills that you will need to start first-year through a series of modules relating to academic success.

Faculty of Engineering: WINONE

  • Through the WINONE office, we will promote a positive learning experience and environment for all of our first-year students.
  • Whether your transition is from high school, a local or international college or university, our WINONE first-year office is here to guide you in this new and demanding environment.

Faculty of Nursing

  • Dedicated, highly skilled faculty, clinical instructors, staff and an enthusiastic student body enhance the education experience of UWindsor nursing students by offering a variety of support services, which include, but are not limited to:
    • Peer mentors (Nursing Lab)
    • First-year support and tutoring
    • Academic and career advising
    • Student counselling services

Head Start Orientation – Student Success Centre

  • Summer orientation for incoming undergraduate students starting their studies in September.
  • Learn about the differences between high school and university and the skills needed to be successful in a university environment.
  • Become acquainted with physical campus and the location of your first year classes.
  • Connect with other incoming and upper-year students in your program.
  • Interact with faculty and program advisors within your faculty.
  • Finalize course registration.
  • Take UwinCARD photo.
  • Buy a parking pass.
  • Purchase your first piece of campus swag!
  • Sign the Class banner.
  • Enter the daily draw to win a $500 tuition award.
  • Separate parent and family orientation.

Human Kinetics: Kin-One First Year Experience Program

  • First-year Human Kinetics students are automatically members of the Kin-One First Year Experience Program.
  • The KinOne First Year Experience program is designed to help you get comfortable on campus, connect with other students, and start to think of Kinesiology as a home away from home. The KinOne program helps first-year students transition to university by providing an instant network of peer support.

International Student Centre

  • Suitcase to Backpack is a 6-week transition program run each semester for newly arrived international students. It runs 9 am-noon on Fridays and covers areas of interest and importance for new students in Canada including employment, police services, landlord-tenant issues, academic integrity, etc.
  • Mentoring program for new students runs each semester.
  • Softlanding is a transition arrival program where newly arrived students learn about being a UWindsor student and are provided a guided campus tour by current international student volunteers.

Learning Centres – Faculty of Science

  • Various Learning Centres are a valuable resource for students taking science courses at the University of Windsor:
    • Chemistry & Physics Resource Centre
    • Computer Science Resource Centre
    • Earth and Environmental Sciences Resource Centre
    • Economics Help Centre
    • Math Resource Centre
    • Science Tutor/MySci Advisor program

Math and Stats Learning Centre

  • The Math and Stats Learning Centre offers assistance if you are in first-year math and statistics courses.

Odette School of Business: Odette Student Success Centre

  • Provides you with a team of highly skilled advisors who are available to help you throughout your university career.

Outstanding Scholars Program

  • You're dedicated, you're disciplined, and your GPA shows it. Outstanding Scholars enrolls high achieving students starting their second year and gives them paid research opportunities. Achieve the most outstanding version of yourself! 
  • The Outstanding Scholars Program provides Outstanding Scholars candidates with mentoring and leadership curriculum during their first year. Outstanding Scholars candidates are invited to apply for the Outstanding Scholarship program at the end of their first year.
  • Outstanding Scholars are paid to do research outside class, working for faculty members. This unique opportunity lasts for 3 years, during your second, third and fourth years of undergraduate study.

Peer Support Centre

  • The Peer Support Centre is a drop-in centre where you can find a supportive peer to talk to.
  • Safe and inclusive space where trained peer support volunteers offer peer counselling to all University of Windsor students.

Skills to Enhance Personal Success (STEPS) – Student Success Centre

  • STEPS offer onlines workshops throughout the semester to introduce practical methods that can help you improve learning and study skills across disciplines.

Student Accessibility Services

  • If you are seeking academic accommodation for a diagnosed disability (permanent or temporary), Student Accessibility Services will support you.
  • Register with Student Accessibility Services.
  • Meet with an Intake Advisor.

Student Counselling Centre

  • The Student Counselling Centre provides free, confidential counselling as well as consultation and referral services.
  • Psychologists, clinical therapists, a registered nurse and master’s-level graduate students provide services.

Black Student Support Coordinator

  • The Black Student Support Coordinator is committed to supporting and advocating for the holistic success and overall well-being of Black, Caribbean, and African students in academic and non-academic matters by providing confidential referrals to resources and options, and assists students as they navigate difficult or crisis situations in the University environment. 

Addressing Black students’ direct needs is the utmost priority of the Black Student Support Coordinator.

Student Leadership Conferences

  • Each year the Student Success and Leadership Centre offers Student Leadership Conferences. You will learn about student leadership opportunities on campus, meet peers and learn about interpersonal leadership, organizational leadership and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Turtle Island

  • Turtle Island facilitates student success by providing support (academic, social, personal and cultural), guidance and an enriched student experience to the University of Windsor students who self-identify with Indigenous identity and background. Turtle Island is an accessible,  welcoming, culturally safe, positive and comfortable atmosphere for students, visitors, and guests. We create connections for Indigenous students with services and support on campus and make appropriate referrals to services and organizations both on and off campus. 

UWill Discover Conference

  • UWill Discover is a university-wide conference where you will present your research, research reflections, and creative work.
  • UWill Discover prepares you for academic conferences and connects you to international networks through our portal. The conference provides nearly $10,000 in awards to our top presenters. 

UWindsor Prep Program

  • Short, non-credit prep courses designed to refresh learners' skills and provide a taste of what classes will bring. Take one, a few or all of these prep classes to get ahead and be prepared for the beginning of your UWindsor classes.
  • Each course is designed to provide a review of Grade 12 curriculum and build the skills learners will need in first-year classes.

Windsor Welcome Week – Student Success Centre

  • New student orientation is provided just prior to the start of September classes.
  • Find communities and opportunities to become involved in campus life.
  • Make friends with other incoming and upper-year students in your program.
  • Academic program orientation.
  • Welcoming Celebration.
  • River Games and other social activities.
  • Annual Welcome Back Concert.

Writing Support for Students – Student Success Centre

  • The Windsor chapter of Students Offering Support offers exam aid sessions for a small fee. The funds generated through tutoring go to sponsor outreach trips that help disadvantaged communities build schools. 

Jump Start

  • JumpStart is a program designed to support students that are new to the University of Windsor. JumpStart will help you navigate the resources on our campus and get off on the right academic foot with practical academic strategies to make your transition to university more successful and less stressful. 

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