University Student Transition Resources

This list of resources is meant to reinforce learning and the skills needed for academic success in university. The following programs are available to all students attending Ontario universities.

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, partly because universities regularly make adjustments to services.

Have questions or need more information? Contact the appropriate university directly.

Carleton University

We encourage all future Ravens to register for the CU 1001 program. Offered through the Student Experience Office, CU 1001 is a free, online mini-course experience that provides new students with a focused introduction to the Carleton community. Participants will also have the exclusive opportunity to register for CU 1001 Experience Days featuring in-person presentations and campus tours led by our CU 1001 Orientation Leaders.

There are also a number of new and expanded resources for you to take advantage of this summer and throughout your first year at Carleton.

Please visit our Support For Your Transition to Carleton University site for a complete listing of the transition resources avaialble to you:

  • Transition support by faculty
  • Transition support for international students
  • Transition support for all incoming students