Nota : Puisque la Nipissing University est une université anglophone, les renseignements qu'elle a fourni sont en anglais seulement.


New Programs

Concurrent Education

Applicants to Concurrent Education can now choose to work towards a teaching subject in First Nations, Métis and Inuit. This teaching subject will be available to all Concurrent Education students in the Junior/Intermediate or Intermediate/Senior divisions regardless of the undergraduate degree and/or major selected. Concurrent Education students will meet the teaching subject requirements by completing the appropriate number of Indigenous Studies courses for their division. You do not declare teaching subjects upon application. You will work toward your teaching subject requirements within the first 4 years of your program. You will officially declare your teaching subjects in fourth year.

Bachelor of Science (Data Science)

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Data Science program leads to an undergraduate degree which provides graduates with the necessary mathematical and computational background to be a data scientist. Whether you are interested in precision medicine, dealing with data sets on environment or business analytics, or understanding complex systems, you will learn how to use the tools and problem-solving skills of computer science and mathematics to work with data.

The Data Science curriculum includes courses on machine learning, tools and technologies in data science and data analytics in addition to courses in computer science and mathematics, such as data structures and data management, artificial intelligence, neural networks and statistics. The curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of Data Science: Capturing, maintaining, processing, analyzing and communicating data.

In practicum courses, you will have work-integrated learning opportunities or internships, or will work on applied projects within the University. In addition, we expect that there will be other experiential learning opportunities in other courses in the form of projects, presentations, case studies and problem solving.

A minimum overall average of 70% is required on your best six 4U/4M courses including prerequisites. Prerequisites include ENG4U, MCV4U, MHF4U and one of SBI4U, SCH4U or SPH4U.

Bachelor of Arts in History with an Orientation to a Master of Arts in History (OMAH)

OMAH is a 5-year program that guarantees admission to the Master of Arts in History, provided you complete your degree, including the OMAH-specific courses, with a minimum 75% on your last 10 full course equivalents. The guarantee is for the September immediately following the completion of your History degree.

OMAH students receive a high-impact and exclusive degree in a small class setting. You will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty while studying in all the major areas of the History program, participating in the History Society and taking part in an experiential learning course, community or international placement or research assistantship.

You graduate as a Master of Arts in History, a credential that will prepare you for exciting careers or other graduate programs in transitional justice, conflict studies/state violence, history, law, politics, gender and environmental studies.

Program Changes

  • Classical Studies has been renamed Ancient Studies

Admission Updates

Bachelor of Business Administration

You will be required to present two 4U Math courses for admission consideration. If you do not have two 4U Math courses, you will still be eligible for admission consideration; however, students admitted without two 4U Math courses will be required to complete MATH 1911 and/or MATH 1912 in their first year.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

The minimum average for admission consideration to Criminal Justice is 70%.

Concurrent Education

The minimum average for admission consideration to Concurrent Education is 70%.

Liberal Arts and Liberal Science

The minimum average for admission consideration to Liberal Arts and Liberal Science is 70%.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Nipissing will consider both SL and HL courses with a 5 or better for possible transfer credit. You will no longer be required to complete the IB diploma in order to be considered for transfer credit. All individual courses will be considered. If you complete the IB diploma, you may be eligible to receive up to 30 transfer credits (1 year).