Algoma University

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About Algoma University

Innovative. Intimate. Impactful.

What makes us different is YOU!

The unique life experiences you bring to campus are an essential part of the Algoma difference. Learning is personal here; our intimate scale means every voice is heard and valued. Small seminars, hands-on labs, faculty and staff who care about your goals, innovative programs and research, our special mission of cross-cultural exchange – they enrich every aspect of Algoma life and learning. But the impact is mutual. We can’t wait to learn from you, and with you, because there’s so much more we can achieve, together.

For students, choosing Algoma University means…

More personal learning

  • Intimate scale; meaningful connections with faculty, staff and peers; tailored programs and support.

​​Rich cross-cultural advantages

  • Invaluable cross-cultural and international insights give our grads strong leadership advantages. 

Impact-focused experiences

  • High-demand, innovative career paths; undergrads involved in vital issues and cutting-edge research; change-focused experiences.

Fast Facts:

Faculties and Professional Schools:

  1. Faculty of Business and Economics
    • School of Business and Economics
  2. Faculty of Sciences
    • School of Life Sciences and the Environment
    • School of Computer Science and Technology
  3. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • School of Social Work
  4. Faculty of Cross-Cultural Studies

To learn more about the Algoma University experience, visit our Future Students website.