Note: Since the Laurentian University is a bilingual university, the information it has provided is in either English or French, based on the language of the program.

Residences and Meal Plans

Residence Price(s)

University College Residence

  • Single Room: $7,875*
  • Double Room: $6,738*
  • Deposit: $500

Single Student Residence:

  • Single Room: $8,739*
  • Double Room: $7,475*
  • Deposit: $500

West Residence and East Residence:

  • Single Room: $8,998*
  • Deposit: $500

Mature Student Residence:

  • Single Room: $9,846*
  • Deposit: $500

Huntington University**

  • Single Room: $6,910 - $8,020
  • Double Room: $5,790
  • Deposit: $550

*A refundable damage deposit is included.

** Indicates a Federated Residences. Fee listed is for 2023-2024.

Room Types

Single and double rooms are available. There are a limited number of single rooms available for first-year students.

Single Student Residence (SSR)

Better known as SSR, this very popular and unique 3-storey building is located on the Laurentian campus. Each apartment has a living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a storage room. SSR provides accommodations for 396 students with access to all services on the main floor (Student Street).

University College (UC)

UC is a traditional dormitory-style residence that offers single and double accommodation for 240 students. Each floor is equipped with a television/common room, kitchen and bathrooms, and each bedroom features high-speed internet connection. UC houses a front desk service with a porter 24/7 and outdoor recreational facilities.

Huntington University Residence

Huntington University Residence is independent of Laurentian University and is not operated by Laurentian University. First year students living in Huntington University Residence are required to purchase a mandatory meal plan. Huntington University Residence accommodates 162 students in 21 single and 68 double rooms. The first-year residence guarantee does not apply to this residence.

East Residence

East Residence, the newest addition to Student Street, is a 12-story building that houses 236 students in apartment-style accommodations. Each apartment consists of 4 single bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room. 

West Residence

This 6-storey air-conditioned building has 55 furnished, self-contained apartments. Each apartment consists of 4 single furnished bedrooms, living room, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Apartments are wired for cable television in the living room and high-speed internet in all of the bedrooms. Each floor has a lounge where guests can meet and socialize.

Mature Student Residence (MSR)

MSR is an 11-storey high-rise building that offers 1-bedroom, apartment-style living. The 128 units are available to our upper-year students entering their fourth year, as well as those who are considered mature students.


  • Free internet and wireless connections
  • Access to common areas, TV rooms, study lounges, computer labs
  • Kitchen and laundry facilities, games rooms, video rentals, vending machines, ATM, convenience store, snack bar
  • Health services, exercise rooms, basketball and tennis courts

In SSR, each apartment is equipped with a refrigerator, stove, kitchen table and chairs, cable TV hook up and storage room. As this residence is apartment style, each unit has 2 bathrooms; 1 has a shower/bathtub.

In East and West, each apartment is equipped with a refrigerator, stove, kitchen table and chairs, cable TV hook up and 2 bathrooms.

In UCR, there is a kitchen on each floor equipped with 2 stoves, microwave and table with chairs. Bathroom facilities in UCR are communal; there are 3 showers on each floor. In each bedroom, you are provided with a bed, garbage pail, desk with 2 drawers, chair, dresser, shelves and curtains. In addition, UCR bedrooms provide you with a vanity and mirror.

Cleaning of the washrooms in UCR is normally done each weekday. In addition, common areas in UCR are normally done Mondays and Fridays; however, residents are expected to maintain a reasonable degree of cleanliness and neatness in their living areas at all times. 

Mail is delivered to the residence complex each weekday and may be found in the mailbox corresponding to your room or apartment number. You will receive a key for your mailbox when you move in.

Residence Guarantee

The residence guarantee applies to all high school students with an average of 75% or more (six best 4U/M). You must apply by June 3, 2024.

Deposit Required

$500 – $550

Deposit must be paid upon accepting a residence offer.

Meal Plans

Meal Plans – Fast, Flexible, Economical

Everyone on campus can enjoy the benefits of our outstanding meal plans. There’s a plan for every pocketbook and a selection of options to suit every need.

Designated Residences Mandatory Meal Plans

Students residing in a Laurentian University residence (Single Student, University College, West Residence and East Residence) or a 1st year student at Huntington University are required to purchase a meal plan. A number of meal plan options are available to choose from:

Freedom – $5,420 (tax exempt)
Includes $200 tax-free Flex Dollars, plus 5 guest passes.
This plan offers maximum flexibility for dining at Laurentian. Enjoy unlimited access to the Dining Room during regular hours of operation. Eat breakfast, lunch, dinner; drop in for coffee and muffins or afternoon snacks. 

Hearty Eater – $5,233 (tax exempt)
Includes $300 tax-free Flex Dollars.
Enjoy up to 375 meals. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner up to 375 times. Plan holders may enter the Dining Room once during any meal period.

Commuter – $4,744 (tax exempt)
Includes $400 tax free Flex Dollars.
Enjoy up to 320 meals. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner up to 320 times. Plan holders may enter the Dining Room once during any meal period.

Light Eater – $4,075 (tax exempt)
Includes $650 Flex Dollars.
Enjoy up to 250 meals. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner up to 250 times. Plan holders may enter the Dining Room once during any meal period. 

If you are a student residing on campus at Single Student, University College, West or East residence complexes, or a 1st year student at Huntington you will select your dining plan during the application process and it will automatically be billed and set up for your account. If you need to make changes, or have questions, you can visit the Housing and Food Services office in West Residence, W-120.

Optional Meal Plans

Non-designated residence and off-campus students have several options to choose from when selecting a meal plan:

Block 150 Plan: $2,085 - 150 all-inclusive meals
Block 75 Plan: $1,184 - 75 all-inclusive meals 
Block 35 Plan $561 - 35 all-inclusive meals 

Dollar for dollar Flex Dollars can be added to any Fresh Food Co. meal plan. Your Flex Dollars can be used at any of the following locations on campus: Tim Hortons, Subway, Toppers Pizza, Alphonse Raymond Dining, Quesada and C-Store.

If you are a student residing at the Mature Student Residence, or live off campus, you can purchase a voluntary dining plan directly from your myLaurentian portal under "Shop".

For comprehensive details on the many meal plans options available to those students living in designated residences, visit the Laurentian Food Services website.

Other Information

You can reach out to for more information concerning residence.