New Programs

Integrated Arts Program - We are excited to announce our new BFA in iArts!

This direct entry program launched in the fall of 2022, providing interdisciplinary skills in art, performance, histories of the arts, theory and research, grounded in social justice.

Also, stay tuned for our new BA in iArts (Integrated Arts) in the fall of 2023.

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Integrated Rehabilitation and Humanities)

The new Level 2 program brings humanities education offered by the Faculty of Humanities and combines it with the clinical knowledge of rehabilitation. This will create a unique undergraduate program that is focused on training empathetic professionals and engaged citizens.

In this program, just over half of the content will be offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences; just over one-third by the Faculty of Humanities; and the remaining one-sixth from other university courses to fulfill the learning outcomes of the program. With this structure, students in the BHSc (Integrated Rehabilitation and Humanities) will encounter strong experiential learning components, options for clinical research and opportunities to participate in community engagement.


The Summer Transition through English Prep (STEP) program is an intensive 6-week academic English bridging program designed for English-Language Learners who wish to pursue their undergraduate studies at McMaster University and almost meet the university’s language proficiency requirements. During the STEP program, students will develop the academic English skills necessary for a successful transition in September, into their first-year undergraduate program.

2023 Program dates

July 3 – August 19, 2023

Program Changes

Nursing @ Conestoga

From September 2023, McMaster’s nursing program will no longer be offered in collaboration with Conestoga college. Applicants seeking admission to this program for a September 2023 start and currently enrolled students will not be impacted.

Social Sciences Co-op:

The Faculty of Social Sciences is introducing 3 new co-op program options for current Level I students when applying to Level II programs in Spring 2023.

  • Economics Co-op (Honours BA)
  • Work & Labour Studies Co-op (Honours BA)
  • Political Science Co-op (Honours BA)

In April of the student’s first year (Level I), all Social Sciences students will be asked to rank their Level II program choices.

Students applying to a co-op program are encouraged to ensure that they:

  • Have taken all required courses to be eligible to apply to their desired program(s).
  • Order selected programs with the most desired ranked first (i.e., ensure that you place the program you would most like to join first).

Admission Updates

Our Midwifery program now requires a mandatory Supplementary Application.
Deadline: February 1, 2023.

By February 1, 2023, all applicants to the Midwifery Education Program must:

  1. Complete Casper on one of the dates listed on the Casper website and submit results.
  2. Complete the Identity and Admissions Survey.