Note: Since the University of Ottawa is a bilingual university, the information it has provided is in either English or French, based on the language of the program.


New Programs

Major in African studies

The major in African Studies aim the acquisition of knowledge and skills to study African issues. This program proposes multidisciplinary, international and inter-faculty approaches that integrate courses from 5 different Faculties as well as multifaceted experiential learning courses. The program adopts a decolonizing and intercultural perspective. 

Multidisciplinary Design - Experiential Learning (3 Years)

The Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Design — Experiential Learning is a 3-year program in the School of Engineering Design and Teaching Innovation that emphasizes student choice through an innovative, flexible curriculum. The core program focuses on design practice, digital and data fluency, professional skills development and multidisciplinary learning. Flexible and compressed learning paths provide you with a unique opportunity to develop skills attuned to current market demands, your personal interests, and future societal challenges. Experiential learning is integrated throughout the program via client-based projects, internships and community engagement. You’ll graduate with a multidisciplinary mix of knowledge, skills and experience from both within and outside of engineering, and will be prepared to make an impact on industry, your community and the world. This program leads to a 3-year Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Design degree, not a BASc.

Bachelor of Commerce + Master Of Science In Management (Research Project)

This exciting integrated accelerated bachelor’s or master’s program allows you to earn 2 degrees in 5 years. Designed for students with a strong academic record and a keen interest in conducting business research, this integrated program enables select undergraduate students to get a jumpstart on their project-based master’s program by completing 2 graduate courses during their last year of the undergraduate degree, and starting their research project in a familiar environment over the summer bridge term between the bachelor’s and master’s programs.

This integrated program focuses on empowering you to develop your business acumen and research skills in a specialized field of study, and to contribute toward smarter decisions about policy and practice in creating a better Canada. The Commerce (BCom) portion includes your choice of the following options: Accounting, Business Technology Management, Finance, Healthcare Analytics, Human Resource Management, International Management, Management and Marketing.

New Health Sciences Dual Fast-Track Degrees (In French Only)

If your French is strong and you’re interested in an extra challenge, you could benefit from our fast-track path that combines 2 degrees. This accelerated path can be completed in less time than taking the 2 degrees separately.

  • Sciences de la santé + Maîtrise en Ergothérapie OR + Maîtrise en Physiothérapie OR + Maîtrise en Audiologie OR + Maîtrise en Orthophonie
  • Sciences de la santé – option en santé publique et santé des populations OR option en technologies et innovation en soins de santé + Maîtrise en Ergothérapie OR + Maîtrise en Physiothérapie.
  • Sciences de l’activité physique (BScHK) + Maîtrise en Ergothérapie OR + Maîtrise en Physiothérapie
  • Sciences de l’activité physique (BHK) + Maîtrise en Ergothérapie OR + Maîtrise en Physiothérapie
  • Sciences de l’activité physique – éducation et coaching (BHK) et Formation à l’enseignement (cycles primaire/moyen, moyen/intermédiaire ou intermédiaire/supérieur) (BEd)

Undergraduate Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) (In French Only)

This new program is designed to train students for future practice as pharmacists in community, hospital or a variety of other settings, or to pursue more advanced studies. Offered in French, the program is aimed primarily at francophone
Ontarians and secondarily at francophone students from elsewhere in Canada, with the objective of meeting the needs of bilingual pharmacists in minority settings. The 4-year program consists of courses, practical labs and 40 weeks of practical training. All courses are based on an active learning approach.

Program Changes

Bachelors of Health Sciences and Human Kinetics

The Honours BCom program has changed to allow greater flexibility and adaptability. Students are now able to complete their BCom degree according to the following structures:

  • 1 business option + business electives + out-of-faculty electives + free electives
  • 1 business option + the complementary option in Entrepreneurship or in Business Analytics + electives
  • 2 options in the field of business (for instance, Finance and Marketing) + electives
  • 1 business option + a minor from another faculty

You can combine all business options, except for the specialization in Accounting and the BCom/Juris Doctor.

CO-OP is not offered with the Bachelor of Health Sciences, the Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BScHK) and the Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK). Admission to CO-OP in second year only for these programs and is not an option on the OUAC application. 

Admission Updates

We will issue conditional offers of admission in December 2023 for fall 2024 to highly qualified applicants, with exception for highly competitive programs such as Nursing, Social Work, Computer Science and Software Engineering. Offers for competitive programs will start in mid-February. We will continue to issue offers of admission to qualified applicants until the end of May.