University of Waterloo – Conrad Grebel University College

Who We Are

Grebel is where you will find your support system while studying at the University of Waterloo. Grebel is located in the heart of Waterloo’s campus. At its core, Grebel’s focus is to build community, both in the classroom, and through our residence program. As a potential Waterloo Warrior, you’re invited to learn about how to unlock Grebel perks through our future student website.


Home to just 140 Waterloo students in all faculties from first to fourth year, Grebel is one of the smallest residences on Waterloo’s campus and is the only residence that requires an application and group interview. Apply before May 22, 2024, to be guaranteed a group interview. Trust the thousands who have gone before you, it’s worth it! Applications are accepted until the residence is full.


Conrad Grebel University College does not directly admit students into academic programs. You can apply to one of the University of Waterloo's 100 programs and then choose Music, or Peace and Conflict Studies as your major, take a few courses at Grebel, and/or live at the college.


Explore how music is meaningful in today’s world. Waterloo’s Music program is housed at Grebel. Things you can expect:

  1. Flexibility – combine music with another area of interest such as psychology, health, or computer science.
  2. Community – small classrooms, approachable professors, and a positive learning environment.
  3. Diversity – wide range of music classes to choose from (performance, history, theory), and music peers who have a range of interests and abilities

Learn more through our future Music students page.

Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS)

Pursue peace, justice and social change through a vibrant interdisciplinary program. Waterloo’s PACS program is housed at Grebel. Things you can expect:

  1. Tailorable degree – take courses in legal studies, psychology, political science, etc., and have them count toward your PACS major.
  2. Opportunity – do an internship for credit or apply for Waterloo’s co-op program
  3. Preparation – for a variety of career opportunities such as law, community development, education, social services, and more.

Learn more through our future Peace and Conflict Studies student page.