University of Waterloo – Renison University College

Special Characteristics

  • All students co-registered with Renison University College are working toward a reputable University of Waterloo degree and benefit from being a part of a smaller community on Waterloo's campus.
  • Students in Honours Arts (co-op or regular), Honours Arts and Business (co-op or regular), and Social Development Studies (SDS) can co-register with Renison.
  • Programs housed at Renison include Social Development Studies (BA), Bachelor of Social Work (requires a Bachelor of Arts for admission) and the Master of Social Work. Additionally, Renison offers minors in Applied Language Studies, East Asian Studies, Studies in Islamic and Arab Cultures, Religious Studies and courses in American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Mohawk. Check out Renison's academic programs for more information.
  • At Renison, you'll take courses in smaller classrooms - classes are normally no more than 60 students. A smaller class means more participation, interaction and engagement.
  • At Renison, we are committed to your academic success. You will be supported in your transition to university by our SDS Buddies program, peer leaders, academic advisors and professors.