University of Waterloo – St. Jerome's University

St. Jerome’s University (SJU) is a small, liberal arts university within the larger University of Waterloo. All St. Jerome’s students are also University of Waterloo students and, upon graduation, SJU students receive their degree and diploma from the University of Waterloo.

By enrolling in Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business with SJU at the University of Waterloo, students get the best of both worlds. SJU’s supportive environment ensures that students become well-rounded individuals who will contribute to societies and organizations near and far.

Why SJU?

Great teaching: You will enjoy instructors whose passion for teaching and research will inspire your passion for learning, and you'll find they care about more than just your intellectual development. They care about you.

More than a face in the crowd: SJU classes are smaller, which gives you a chance to get to know your professors and fellow students, and there are plenty of opportunities for lively debate.

The whole person: At SJU, we believe learning is deeper than your intellectual development. Our goal is to inspire your imagination, engage your spirit and cultivate the qualities essential for responsible citizenship, all while you earn your University of Waterloo degree.

Live steps away from your classes: If you register academically in Arts at St. Jerome's, you'll be given priority for a spot in our residence, where a strong sense of community is at the heart of your residence experience.

Put Waterloo's reputation to work for you: The University of Waterloo is renowned for its spirit of innovation and its high-quality academic programs. All SJU students are University of Waterloo students and graduate with a highly respected University of Waterloo degree and have equal access to all co-op programs and opportunities.

The best of old and new: SJU grows from a foundation in the Catholic tradition and is committed to learning and academic excellence. We are rooted in the values of love, truth and justice, and we welcome students of all perspectives, beliefs and faith traditions, and emphasize the importance of diversity of thought and approaches together with a passion for social justice to create strong community and large-scale, lasting change in the world.

Food Service Provider

St. Jerome’s has the pleasure of having Dana Hospitality join us as the food service provider for the university. They provide healthy, high-quality menu items with all selections prepared from scratch using fresh local ingredients, while also working to help reduce our environmental footprint.

Newly Renovated Library

St. Jerome's has renovated our library to provide state-of-the-art learning, research, and collaborative and quiet study spaces. We have updated the existing library collections; created new social and collaborative learning spaces; integrated collaborative smart classrooms; increased accessibility to all our services and much more.