New Programs

Game Studies - Minor (Arts)

The Game Studies Minor focuses on the analysis, history, and theory of games as cultural, artistic, and technological forms as well as on game design, with a strong emphasis on games as a narrative and world-making medium. Courses in the Minor adopt humanistic and social science approaches to studying the evolution of games, the game production industry, games as rhetorical devices, and the diverse communities who make and play games. As they become sophisticated critics of games, students learn fundamental principles and methodologies in the creation and testing of tabletop, role-playing, and digital games and gain practice in the use of game engines.

Global Leadership – Minor (Arts)

Now, more than ever, the world needs principled, inclusive, and empathetic global leaders. The Minor in Global Leadership, facilitated in partnership between multiple Faculties across all three U of T campuses, develops students’ collaborative global leadership skills and capacity to critique what is global leadership and how this concept is understood and challenged in diverse disciplines and global cultures. The Minor integrates theory and practice, and provides a forum for students to engage across disciplines and geographical contexts. The Minor includes interdivisional student experience, community engagement and completion of a globally partnered capstone project.

Admission Updates

Forensic Anthropology now requires MHF4U (Advanced Functions), in addition to ENG4U (English) and SBI4U (Biology).