New Programs

Bachelor's of Business Administration (Hon.)

This program was created for people who want to manage organizations in tune with responsible leadership. The program covers topics such as business administration in the digital age, strategic thinking, human resources management in tune with emotional intelligence, agile governance, and the legislative framework surrounding management. At the crossroads of management concepts and the challenges of modern society, the Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration offers ethical training to promote business administration that promotes growth in harmony with sustainable development.

Bachelor’s of Education

This program is unique in its design because it allows future teachers to develop the knowledge and skills required for a teaching career in Ontario, all while remaining in a minority francophone context, and focused on supporting the students who will be our future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Offered either part-time in 10 semesters or full-time in 16 months, this program enables graduates to secure permanent employment with most French-language school boards in Ontario soon after graduating.