Residences and Meal Plans

Residence Price(s)

$9,050 – $10,450 (double-room accommodation)
$9,450 – $11,750 (single-room accommodation)
Figures based on 2023–2024 academic year.

Room Types

Our residences offer traditional, suite- and hybrid-style buildings with either single- or mixed-gender rooms or suites. Mixed-gender rooms or suites are an opt-in option. Some private single rooms are available. Most buildings have accessible rooms.


  • In-house dining halls
  • Safety and security features
  • Residence life and academic support programs
  • Study groups
  • Internet access
  • 6-week rotating menu
  • Suites with kitchens
  • Living Learning Community floors
  • Quieter lifestyles floors
  • Single-gender (woman) floor
  • Alcohol-free floors
  • In-house workout rooms
  • Laundry facilities

Front desk staff are available in various residences during the day and are accessible by telephone on a 24-hour basis. Western University, including all residences, is smoke-free.

Residence Guarantee

Residence is guaranteed to incoming first-year students as long as you meet our eligibility requirements and deadlines.

Deposit Required

$900 due by June 5, 2024.

Meal Plans

$6,650 (figures based on 2023–2024 academic year).

Your meal plan includes a combination of residence dollars for items prepared in the dining hall, and flex dollars for convenience and off-campus purchases.

Nearly all of our first-year buildings have an in-house dining hall. No matter your building, you can eat in any residence dining hall.

If you need to, your meal plan can be topped up online at no additional cost. Any unused food credit balances at the end of the year can be carried forward onto a meal plan for the next academic year. 

Other Information

Find more information about residences at Western on our website.

Find more information about residence for the Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Nursing program on the Fanshawe website.