Note: Since the University of Ottawa – Saint Paul University is a bilingual university, the information it has provided is in either English or French, based on the language of the program.

University of Ottawa – Saint Paul University

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Saint Paul University Campus

Located in the heart of the nation’s capital, Saint Paul University is the founding college of the University of Ottawa (1848), with which it has maintained a federation since 1965.

Bilingual and on a human scale, it offers undergraduate and graduate study programs in Social Communication, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Canon Law, Ethics, Social Justice and Public Service, Conflict Studies, Social Innovation, Theology, and Transformative Leadership.

Why Choose Saint Paul University?

  • Intimate classes and low student-teacher ratio
  • Affordable tuition fees 
  • Safe, secure and friendly campus with personalized services
  • Bilingual setting in the heart of Ottawa, Canada's National Capital
  • Diverse student population and international vision
  • Solid reputation, experience, history and Catholic tradition